cPanel Exim How To Clear The Mail Queue

Here’s the proper way to clear the exim mail queue on a cpanel server.

/etc/init.d/exim stop;
sleep 10;
killall -9 exim eximd
sleep 5;

#clean out the mail queue
find /var/spool/exim -mindepth 2 -type f -exec rm -rf {} \;

#clean out the mail db files
find /var/spool/exim/db -type f -exec rm -rf {} \;

#reset the eximstats database tables
echo “truncate table sends;” | mysql eximstats
echo “truncate table defers;” | mysql eximstats
echo “truncate table failures;” | mysql eximstats
echo “truncate table smtp;” | mysql eximstats

/etc/init.d/exim restart

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