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Features of our domain name

  • Domain Privacy Protection
  • Full WHOIS Control
  • Thief protection & EPP Key
  • Free Name Server
  • Create your Name server like:
domain name

What is Domain Privacy Protection?

Without privacy protection enabled on your domains anyone anywhere can look up your name, address, telephone number and email on the internet. Our domains privacy protection helps keep your personal information private. Your domains still belongs to you and you have control, but if anyone searches for your domains registration information they will find it locked and will not be able to see it. Our domains whois privacy is compliant with all ICANN Whois Accuracy Guidelines

Do you have a domain name and need just hosting?

If you have a domain name that you just need to host, click on “Order Now” button on order page and choose the third option “I will update my name servers on an existing domain Or I will register a new domain.” in the order form. To point your domain to our server as provide by us.

How long will it take to register?

It takes a few minutes to register a domain name using our secure domains order form. You can start to use your domains name in few minutes; this allows your name to filter around the Internet computers. If you want to check if your domains name is ready for use, just type in your domains name into your browser and if our holding page comes up it is safe to start using it.

You have a domain name and want to transfer and host it.

You can transfer the domain registration to us and then manage it through our Web Hosting Control Panel. Successful transfer adds 1 year to the registration of the domain name. To order domain transfer, use the tab ORDER NOW –>>Domain Names at the top of the page.